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Our Mission is to keep Jamaica Clean.

Since its inception, the National Solid Waste Management Authority has been serving the entire island of Jamaica and its populace. The Authority provides solid waste management services across the island in order to the safeguard public health while helping to create an environment that is healthy and aesthetically pleasing for both residents and visitors to enjoy.

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Containerize It! Three steps to managing your waste at home.


Join us as we keep Jamaica healthy, clean and beautiful.

Bag It

Properly bag, tie and place household waste in a container (drum, mesh receptacle or skip) for collection. Keep meat frozen until your collection day to minimize odor and decomposition. Dead animals should not be place in your waste container.

Bin It

Waste must be stored in areas easily accessible to sanitation crews.Your storage receptacle should be placed at the front of the lot where it can be accessed without hindrances 24 hours per day by collection crews. Ensure that the bottom of your waste container is pierced. Lids for the receptacles are highly recommended.

We will Collect It

Your solid waste containers should be structurally sound so as not to cause injury or pose any threats to the physical safety of the crews. Click below for the collection schedule for your region

Collection Schedule

The Management of Plastic Packaging Materials: Environmental Survey
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