National Solid Waste Management Authority

An Agency of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development


Our Motto: Jamaica's Beauty Is Our Duty


To be a model solid waste management entity using cutting edge state of the art technologies to maintain a clean and healthy environment comparable to global standards.


To ensure a clean Jamaica by managing solid waste effectively through public cleansing, adherence to public health and environmental standards, public education and enforcement programmes buttressed by advanced technology, the participation of communities and the delivery of services by a highly trained and engaged staff.

"We keep Jamaica clean"


Achieve acceptable standards of environmental practices in all public cleansing and disposal operations;
Develop capable environmental monitoring staff through training and appropriate recruitment;
Provide standards, regulations and expertise with regard to solid waste management;
Participate in the development of an inter-agency institutional structure for pollution and environmental control;
Prioritize financial resources for solid waste management in a severely constrained economy;
Meet human resource needs through the appropriate development and implementation of human resource policies;
Provide quality service to our contractors and the public;
Enforce the National Solid Waste Management

The Broad Responsibilities of the NSWMA

Public Cleansing: Engagement in activities/initiatives that support a) the proper and continued maintenance of environmental aesthetics b) the preservation of the environment c) the creation of clean and healthy communities through public education initiatives d) improvement in the quality of life as the improper disposal of wastes is reduced;
Solid waste management: This involves engagement in waste reduction initiatives, improvement in collections and disposal systems, all of which, form part of the core of the work of the NSWMA. Systems and control mechanisms are put in place for the monitoring of waste-sheds and other disposal sites. This encompasses activities such as those related to recycling, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal.
Curtailing of public behaviour: This involves public sensitization drives and the implementation of structures to enforce the rule of law. It is anticipated that strong enforcement will change behaviours and attitudes, and the eradication of illegal disposal/dumping will be possible.
The development of the institutional framework that guide the work of the Authority;
Involvement in cutting edge research and development initiatives so that global best practices might be adopted into the work and operations of the Authority;
Constant improvement to infrastructural development to ensure efficiency in operations functionalities;
To create business development opportunities to improve sustainability.
Public Cleansing: Engagement in activities/initiatives that support a) the proper and continued maintenance of environmental aesthetics b) the preservation of the environment c) the creation of clean and healthy communities through public education initiatives d) improvement in the quality of life as the improper disposal of wastes is reduced;
Close monitoring of operations. This includes, but not limited to:
  1. The establishing of criteria and appropriate standards to be upheld by the operators within the solid waste sector;
  2. Licensing of solid waste companies, collection vehicles and disposal site operators;
  3. Contracting solid waste collectors for municipal garbage collection;
  4. The establishing of collection zones in collaboration with the Parish Councils, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) and the Town Planning Authority;
  5. Establishing tipping fees structures and rates for industrial and large commercial entities disposing of waste at approved disposal sites
  6. Operating solid waste disposal sites in the medium term while preparing them for divestment to the private sector

Areas Served and Services Offered

Since its inception, the National Solid Waste Management Authority has been serving the entire island of Jamaica and its populace; providing timely, efficient solid waste management services across the island in order to the safeguard public health while helping to create environment befitting for all to enjoy and preserve. Jamaica's population is approximately 2.6 Million and climbing. The National Solid Waste Management Authority has demarcated the country for its management purposes into four (4) regions otherwise termed wastesheds: The Riverton, Retirement, Southern and Northeastern wastesheds. Each region is made up of two or more parishes with accompanying disposal sites for the proper disposal of solid waste to ensure environmental protection, solid waste disease and pest or nuisance control.

Additionally, wasteshed are defined based on the most effective and feasible collection and disposal network that can be implemented islandwide.

In order to improve and provide the best and most efficient service to its customers (the people of Jamaica) the National Solid Waste Management Authority has developed an integrated service delivery strategy (refer to chart above).  This strategy is implemented through the Agency's regional offices namely:

The regional offices have portfolio management responsibilities for the parishes falling within their specific region under the directives of the Head Office of the NSWMA located in Kingston.

Each agency has portfolio management responsibilities for the parishes falling under the regions managed by each regional office under the directives of the head office located in Kingston.
Each regional office has a trained customer relations department and officers who handle the day to day queries of customers regarding waste management collection services in their areas while providing pertinent information; at the same time playing a proactive role in ensuring that our customers are kept up to date with all relevant and supplemental information to ensure a transparent communication process. This in effect, boosts the corporate image and good will of the organization as a customer satisfaction oriented organization.


The Parks & Gardens Division was established in 2008 in order to generate revenue for the Authority. The Division provides employment for over four thousand (4,000) Individuals island wide and is fully self sufficient, that is, it is not a recipient of government subvention.

The division secures contracts for major projects from other government agencies and private companies which results in the realization of modest revenue earned for the Authority. As a result, revenue earned has afforded the Authority the ability to purchase urgently needed equipment and machinery which could not be procured from limited government allocation.
In 2009 the first of six (6) plant nurseries at the National Heroes Park was constructed with the capacity to house over thirty thousand (30,000) plants.

Communities across the island have benefitted from the beautification efforts of the division as overgrown lots have been cleared and replaced with tropical flowers.

Since its inception, the Parks & Gardens Division has forged several lucrative partnerships with other agencies, a number of which include the following:

  • Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo.)
  • Urban Development Corporation (UDC) 
  • National Water Commission
  • HEART Trust/NTA

The services of the division include the following:

  • Cut and prune trees
  • Mow lawns
  • Landscape and general horticultural maintenance of properties
  • Beautification efforts
  • Plant rental for offices, special events and homes
  • Sale of mulch and compost
  • Clear overgrown
  • Clean up of debris post construction activities
  • Maintain verges and medians

Board of Directors

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